The Thardclass  Mentality of World  Leaders

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At the Shaheed Minar every evening. I did the same thing last Thursday. Nothing feels good, not even wanting to spend time on the computer lately. However, today my mind

is full of sadness, I am sitting alone. Today I don’t notice the time, I don’t notice the mobile, I am not looking for friends.

It is my daily habit to cross the Krishnachura Road of Comilla University and sit

sddenly my hand fell from behind crying, my body also suddenly started shaking. Anyway, look back. I can’t believe my eyes when I see that – that’s the 17-year-old intellectual boy in our shop. As soon as I looked at him he laughed, “Hey Raju Mama! What are you doing here?” I look at him in amazement and think, “Hey, why did this boy come here?” Suddenly he broke my horse and said, “Why are you playing with so many thoughts in your head?” “Where? No worries!”, Still staring at him. This time he came to my side and sat down. Are you still looking for the answer to the question, “Why is our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) insulted almost all the time in different countries including India and France”? “Yeah, right! But you know what?” “I understand, Mama, I can understand when I look at you.” This time it was as if he spoke with the thought of a sage. This time electricity seemed to play in my world of thought.

I let him sit closer, I reduced the distance of age in a moment. Our global discussion has started, the moon has risen in today’s sky and there are also clouds. After a while the raft of clouds came and covered the moon and darkened the earth, then went away without any knowledge. The world is slowly being illuminated, and this game continues for hours on end. The stars are a part of our discussion today, the environment is beautiful. Due to the afternoon rain, the gentle breeze is also cool and enjoyable. However, The boy said, “Well, Mama said, what is the use of anklets or macros or people like them insulting our Prophet (saw)?” What is the use of insulting our religion “? I said nothing, He again asked, “Mama, I don’t care if atheists are atheists, if they don’t believe in any religion, they should be silent or if they want to talk with hurt, they should hurt all religions, but why do they only speak against Islam?” Why do they sneer, is there only one religion in the world? ” I thought, “That’s right!” Said again “Christians believe that the Jews killed Jesus, the founder of their religion. They will oppose the Jews. Why do they oppose us by befriending the Jews? Why is the fire burning in Palestine for centuries? Why do they support the Jews?” “Let them stop supporting the Jews today. Tomorrow you will see the wind of peace blowing in Palestine.” I thought, “That’s right!” He went on to say, “This is an example of the perverted mentality of world leaders and the result of Islamophobia.

” “You see, they are great leaders of the state. Their job is to ensure peace and security of their country. They are always thinking of moving the country and the nation forward. There is no end to their work. He also secretly invests money to recruit people to enter the world of Muslim faith and obscenity in the country. He forms a special intelligence unit. Why is that, Mama? We never think of harming anyone, but why do they play these dirty games? ” However, he noticed that there is no Muslim country that exaggerates these religions. Because Islam did not teach them to transgress religion, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Do not transgress religion, because of which many nations have perished in the past.” I said, “Yes, you are right, but many have become Muslims while researching these things.” What can I say, they are terrified, people have been converting to Islam since the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Muslims are not going to accept their religion, so they are jealous. And as is the case with good people, there is a lot of criticism, which is normal. “But this hadith is not about the dead, Mama, it is a sleeping Bani Mama”.

This saying would wake up thousands of people at any moment and lead them to war. Look at Mama, you will see that he will insult you or attack you. Because what can Mama say? Because religion is the place of human emotions, no one can tolerate the tension about it. However, if this hadith ever wakes up due to the excesses of religion, then what will happen as a result will be the result of the perverted mentality of the world leaders. Then he stood up beside me, saying to himself, “The fruit of a perverted mindset.” Slowly walking away then the monstrous shout, “Mama the fruit of perverted mindset, the fruit of perverted mindset”. This time I noticed my time, I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2.00 o’clock at night. I went to the mess, I looked around – I could not find the boy somewhere, where he came from and where he went!